What Our Customers Are Saying:



“We showed our Majestic Entries door to all our friends in the development, we just love it!!”


                                                                                      –Mr. & Mrs. McDonald – Plantation Lakes, Myrtle Beach



“ You have no idea how much value my Majestic Entries door has put on my new home. I am so happy my husband and I decided during construction to add the door”


                                                                                      –Mr. & Mrs. Finley – Grande Dunes, Myrtle Beach



“Superb work, gentlemen. Incorporating our family crest into our door and transom has made our house look like a HOME!”


                                                                                      –James R. – S.C.



“There was no question about it....Majestic Entries had the price and quality we were looking for.”


                                                                                      –Mr. & Mrs. Coward – Pawleys Island



“Wow! I thought my wood door was pretty cool looking until my wife talked me into replacing it with a Majestic Entries door. Now I feel like a King! (just don’t tell my wife I said that)"


                                                                                      –name witheld by request – Charlotte



“It’s the last time I ever have a plain old wooden door on my house!”


                                                                                      –Bill S. – Lake Norman



“As a builder, I appreciate quality. And this is the highest quality door I have ever seen.”


                                                                                      –name witheld – Ballantyne



“Your iron door is the focal point of our home. Our neighbors are complaining about having to “keep up with the Joneses”. Hee, hee, hee.”


                                                                                      –D. & C. Jones – N.C.



“Tremendous improvement. We feel like our home has become an Estate.”


                                                                                      –Ralph & Emily O. – Charlotte

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