How We Make the Best Wrought Iron Door

When hurricanes whip through Florida, we all worry about our homes and how they will handle the stress of the high winds and water. We, at Majestic Entries, decided to build the strongest (and best looking) door to help put your concerns at ease. Majestic Entries engineered and tested the first impact approved door for the state of Florida and Miami-Dade.


In designing the ultimate wrought iron door, Majestic Entries

decided on 1”insulated impact rated glass to assure we made

the most energy efficient wrought iron door in the market.

Majestic Entries are so strong; we have passed both Florida

and Miami-Dade stringent hurricane impact testing.














To make the easiest operating wrought iron door, we use

6” post-in-barrel hinges that pivot on a sleeve of aircraft

ball bearings. The hinges also come with grease fittings to

maintain the ease of operation.





Our mounting tabs which are concealed behind interior trim, provide an exceptionally strong installation; not unattractive plastic caps used to conceal screws drilled through a doorframe.




We invite you to compare our wrought iron doors to all others in the market. As you compare, we are sure you will become convinced that Majestic Entries  is the only door you will want on your home.

Rather than make our doors with a separate aluminum threshold that is caulked in place after the door is installed, we developed the first and only Florida and Miami-Dade approved wrought iron door that has a hot dipped galvanized threshold welded to the door frame. Our threshold helps keep the door square in the opening and provides greater protection against water infiltration.

Please feel free to download our Florida Certifications

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