1. What makes your doors different than others?


Other iron doors are usually thinner and use lightweight 14 or 16 gauge steel, come with a glass frame that blocks the view of the scrolling, and have a fiberglass or aluminum threshold which is caulked between the door jambs, which can lead to water infiltration.


     All of our Majestic Entries Iron Doors:























"You get what you pay for" has never been truer than when purchasing a wrought iron door. When it comes to safety, quality, service and value, intelligent homeowners recognize only one name - Majestic Entries Iron Doors.



2. I heard iron doors sometimes rust. Do yours?


Other door companies apply primer hoping to prevent rust. Majestic Entries Iron Doors first use pure zinc galvanizing before our catalytic primer is applied making our doors the most rust-resistant iron doors available! Our limited warranty backs up our commitment to quality, 5 years on the finish and a 10 year warranty on operation, more than twice the industry standard!



3. What are the benefits of a wrought iron door over a wood door?


Wood doors need extensive maintenance. To prevent voiding your warranty on a wood door, you must seal on six sides. This means that the top, underneath the bottom weather strip, and behind the hinges must be sealed or your door is apt to warp, or worse, it will rot. Wood doors must be stained and sealed every few years to prevent rotting and keep them looking good. Any door over eight feet tall probably does not have a warranty. Meanwhile, Majestic Entries Iron Doors come prefinished and will not rot. Our hurricane doors come up to ten feet tall and are designed to meet hurricane DP and impact requirements. For non-hurricane areas we can make our doors up to 12’ tall. All our doors come with a 10-year warranty.



4. Can I put one of your doors in my existing home?


Yes! Our doors can be made to order. We can make our doors to the exact dimension of your existing door opening. In areas where we have showrooms, we'll send a qualified installer to inspect your existing door and opening. Installation takes about 4-6 hours to remove your old door and install your new Majestic Entries Iron Door. For locations outside our showroom areas, you will need to have your contractor remove your existing door and prepare the rough opening as "new construction", and then our installers will slide your new Majestic Entries Iron Door into place. Lag bolts are placed through the interior flanges to fasten your new door to your framing. If necessary, your contractor can then add whatever trim you desire to finish the job.



5. How do I clean the glass?


Our scrolling is hinged to swing open! Swinging the scrolling open provides complete access to both sides of the glass for cleaning. It also gives you three additional inches to the width and height of your daylight opening as well as providing 100% view of your scrolling.
























6. What shape doors can you make and what iron patterns are available?


We have hundreds standard doors in various widths/heights and patterns. Or we can custom design a door just for you! We can make anything... rectangles, segments, full radius, elliptical, etc. Our doors can even be made to fit in a round wall! The iron patterns can also be made to your specifications. You're only limited by your imagination!



7. How long does it take to get my door made?


If you order one of our doors that are in inventory we can install in a matter of days. If you custom order a special door, it will take approximately 12-14 weeks. Delivery and installation times sometime vary based on holidays.



8. Why do some of your doors open outward and some inward?


Most residential doors are in-swing, however on coastal applications an outswing door is preferable because it seals better against hurricane winds. Outswing doors are also required on most commercial applications.


9. Aren’t these heavy doors hard to open?


Actually, because of our special ball–bearing hinges these doors are easy to open and close. Some homeowners claim they are easier than their old wooden doors!



10. What about door handles and locks?


We offer a wide selection of magnificent iron door pulls in varying styles. All of them fit our doors perfectly and are included in the price of your door! Or, if you prefer, our doors can be drilled for the locking hardware you provide. We also provide bump-resistant deadbolts with our pull handles. This provides enhanced security for your home.



11. What about the glass?


Included in the price! (not true with some other companies) Our doors can come with impact tested 1” triple-paned laminated insulated low-E glass in clear or patterned options where impact glass is required and a 3/4” double-paned glass on standard doors.



12. Do these doors come with a warranty?


Absolutely! In fact, our 5/10 warranty is the best of any iron door manufacturer. We offer a ten-year limited warranty on glass and parts. There is a five-year warranty on the finish.



13. What if I want railings or balconies or a gate to match my door?


No problem at all. Our iron factory can make all of those products to match whichever door you order from us!



14. Do you have a catalog?


Sure. Just click here to download it.



o Are made with 2" thick door panels, providing a stronger, safer door.


o Have 12 gauge frames & door panels, making our doors nearly 30% stronger than other cheaply made  wrought iron doors.


o Can come with impact tested 1" triple-paned laminated insulated low-E glass in clear or patterned options for hurricane areas.


o Have foam-filled frames and door panels for a superior R-factor which helps lower your heating and cooling costs.


o Have a hot-dipped galvanized iron threshold built in, providing extra protection from water infiltration and keeping the door square in the opening.


o The only hurricane-impact rated door in the United States with insulated impact glass. They are safer and block out more of the outside noise.


o Our superior hinges are a post-in-barrel ball bearing hinge. Grease fittings on our door hinges keep your doors operating as easily as the day it was installed.

Glass Frame Obscures Scrolling

100% Daylight Opening

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